Quick Winapt Tool

Quick Winapt Tool Beta 0.1.0

Download or delete applications Linux style


  • Brings Linux updating power to Windows
  • Easy to run and install


  • Programs don't always update

Not bad

If you don't have the confidence to use Linux or it's not really practical for day to day use but you like the way it adds and removes programs, Quick Winapt Tool could be for you.

Quick Winapt Tool displays a list of programs arranged by categories, much in the same way as Synaptic on Linux, which are ready to download and install them directly. Quick Winapt Tool makes programs much easier to update automatically rather than having to do them separately or visit developer pages.

The range of programs supported by Quick Winapt Tool is quite wide, including applications for the Internet, office programs, games, system accessories, etc. The first time you run Quick Winapt Tool, you will be prompted for a simple configuration process which just involves choosing the base directory that need to save the downloaded files. You can then update DB file by clicking the "Update" button in main control panel.

For Linux lovers, Quick Winapt Tool is a cool little application that makes it easier to update programs although you'll find that many mainstream apps simply won't update with it.

Quick Winapt Tool


Quick Winapt Tool Beta 0.1.0

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    Could be nice.
    This could be a very nice updater, but unfortunately its database is very outdated. It suggests t...   More